Tianjin Fayean Tech. Co. LTD

About us :Tianjin Fayean Tech. CO. LTD Tianjin Fayean Technology Co., LTD., founded in 1986, is a collection of r &d design, foreign trade export, cross-border electricity production trade type enterprise, products cover home, outdoor, pet, fitness, health care, maternal and child, and other fields, the main customers in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, and gradually increased steadily for the development of developing countries and developed countries.The company's main "FAYEAN" brand, adhering to the "integrity, innovation" business philosophy, and domestic suppliers and foreign customers to establish good relations of cooperation, to undertake personalized professional customized production, products are widely favored by the end consumer groups and customers.We use honest attitude towards customers and suppliers, in the industry to establish a good reputation;We treat products with the spirit of artisans, pay attention to quality and take into account the price, to provide customers with product design - packaging customization - to send a full set of thoughtful services, for their own brand reputation to lay a solid foundation;We take a responsible attitude towards investment and partners, safe operation, profit assessment, in order to ensure the rights and interests of investors and partners of the company and increase in value;We have gradually formed a united, optimistic, positive and energetic young team with the concept of sharing, to ensure the long-term stable development of the company;Company vision:To be the first choice of global customized brandCompany mission:Let the world trust "FAYEAN" customization, improve the quality of life of usersCompany values:Integrity, innovation, optimism, gratitudeCompany strategy:FAYEAN takes "becoming the first choice for global customization" as its strategic goal, and based on this, carries out service support and product design training for the team. Meanwhile, the company adopts the combination of offline and online sales, trade and retail sales to timely obtain end-consumer feedback and make product iteration update in advance.From the perspective of the end consumer to think about the use of the product scenarios and pain points, from the perspective of buyers to design and update, all-round to provide consumers with the best quality experience, so as to ensure that customers fully trust our professional advice, rely on our supporting services, so as to achieve the strategic objectives of the company.